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Fixing up my profile again. I think it's looking good, don't you?
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reactions to paris
I think this is a must watch video for those of us that have been taught about the Crusades.  I don't think it's taught in schools today.  We were never taught that the Crusades started due to a begging and pleading of Christians for help against Muslims invading and conquering their Christian countries.  Instead  we were always taught that not only >>> Continue Reading


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Updates and Other Rubbish

  • Zandranna gave a shout to NutBar ...
    • Maybe the background just wasn't showing up to you at the time Martha.
  • Zandranna gave a shout to spherical ...
    • Just checking around to see if the profiles on Yuku still exist.
  • Zandranna got a friend...
  • Zandranna gave a shout to Zandranna ...
    • Thanks Matt.
  • Zandranna gave a shout to NutBar ...
    • So far but eventually the profiles, galleries and blogs will also go. I've always loved these profiles.
  • Zandranna gave a shout to LININCT ...
    • Oh Lin, I'm as sick as a parrot. It's no longer Yuku at all. My active board now I have on a different system zandranna.com - I'm still playing on Yuku as well at the moment but mostly to watch what happens.
    • LININCT : I wish I could say I was looking forward to it, but so far I am not. It feels like a step (or rather MANY steps) back in time. The boards seem primitive compared to what we have now. Maybe there is something I'm missing­....???­? Jul 8 17 2:14 AM
  • Zandranna gave a shout to Presto204 ...
    • Proboards is another one they haven't bought either. But I do know that Tapatalk want to buy up all systems if they can. They want to corner the market and I simply can't stand a company that wants monopoly.
  • Zandranna gave a shout to Presto204 ...
    • I honestly don't know who has left, who hasn't or who is going to stick it out to see what Yuku will finally offer. My reason for finally leaving was Yuku selling to Tapatalk. Forumotion is one of the few systems they haven't bought up.
  • Zandranna gave a shout to Presto204 ...
    • Oopps I was in the wrong username.
  • Zandranna gave a shout to Presto204 ...
    • Although there wont really be such a thing as being a Yuku member once all is changed because there will be no more global accounts, only local board accounts. The only thing left of Yuku will be the url of a board. These profiles + blogs r going.
  • Zandranna gave a shout to Presto204 ...
    • Hi Patti. I have moved my board off of Yuku to Forumotion as the new Yuku wont be Yuku anymore once it's all finished and moved over, but I will be remaining a Yuku member because I still post at some Yuku boards. http://&shy;<wbr>zandran&shy;<wbr>na.foru&shy;<wbr>motion.&shy;<wbr>com/
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  • Zandranna buzzed...
    • My goodness it's cold outside. Dog and I didn't go too far or out for too long today.
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