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My Go 4 Fit Blog

  1. I've Survived Another Week on the BSD

    02/10/16 09:22:49 | 0 Comments

    I've survived a third full week on this strict 8 week blood sugar diet.  Actually it's been pretty easy.  Once you get used to not eating all the bad carbs and start eating only the good, which only takes about 3 days, it's quite hard to eat more than the allocated calories.

    I have no idea if my blood sugar has lowered, because as my diabetes is not bad enough to be on tablets I don't test my blood every day as others are having to do.  But going by other people's results I can't see that my blood sugar wouldn't have gone...
  2. Week 2 of the Blood Sugar Diet

    02/04/16 09:23:23 | 2 Comments

    Yesterday (Wednesday) was the end of my full 2nd week of being on the 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet.

    Last Saturday, which up until now has been my usual weekly weigh day, I was so very disappointed.  I had lost nothing in the previous 7 days and I was very worried that, as has been normal with me, I was stuck once again.

    I had been so very good, with absolutely no cheating, except for one single Hot Cross Bun on the previous Wednesday.  I had watched others on myfitnesspal on the same diet loose many pounds during the same...
  3. At Last the Weight is Shifting

    02/02/16 11:31:11 | 0 Comments

    Originally posted on - 23/1/2016

    I started this new Blood Sugar Diet on Wednesday having that morning completely cleared out my fridge and cupboards of all things that are of bad carbs, high sugar content.  This included bread, pasta, rice, cereals, quick simply add boiling water snacks, mayonnaise, salad cream, tomato sauce, margarine, and a lot more.  All this went into 3 bags and was given to my Daughter when she arrived to pick me up for me to spend our usual Wednesdays together.  My fridge and...
  4. The Blood Sugar Diet

    02/02/16 11:21:59 | 0 Comments

    Originally posted on - 21/1/2016

    3023577d4fb570315f8c9278ec8b2ee3603b089_Last Friday was my second weigh in day since being determined again to lose this weight.  I got on the scales early morning when at my lightest only to find that I had put back the 1lb+ I had lost last week.  After having gone another week surviving on 1000 calories a day and of upping my...
  5. End of First Week Progress

    02/02/16 11:16:49 | 0 Comments

    Originally posted on - 8/1/2016

    Today I weighed in at 136.5lbs, which means I have lost 3.5lbs in this first week.  I need to get down to 133lbs to just creep over the border of the right side of a healthy weight.  To be healthy I can be anywhere between 100lbs to 133lbs.  I am aiming for the middle which is 120lbs.

    I am finding that getting through the day and keeping each meal's calories down to a good level isn't at all hard.  However, it's the evening I am finding it hard not to pick at...
  6. 2016 - A Brand New Year

    02/02/16 11:14:01 | 0 Comments

    Originally posted on - 1/1/2016

    On weighing myself on the first day of this new year I see that I have really made a pig of myself over this Christmas just gone.  I start this year 4lbs heavier than I was at the beginning of last month and now weigh in at 140lbs.  This is 20lbs heavier than my healthy weight.  I see I have a lot of work to do if I am to keep my promise to myself and lose it all by the end of the year.

    I do know what I should concentrate on to reduce my extra bulk, but that's...
  7. A New Month Beginneth

    02/02/16 11:11:45 | 0 Comments

    Originally posted on - 3/10/2015

    I start this month weighing in at 137.5lbs.  I am really hoping by the end of this month to be down to 133lbs (9st 7lbs).

    At the beginning of last month I was losing the odd pound or two and then putting it straight back on just as I usually do.  However I have managed to keep the couple of pounds off, for nearly a fortnight now, that I lost at the beginning of last month.  This tends to mean that I really have lost that couple of pounds, and it will stay off.  ...
  8. 10 Tips for Sitting Less

    02/02/16 11:04:40 | 0 Comments

    Originally posted on - 28/9/2015

    It's been said many times that nowadays we sit far too much.  Obviously a lot of this can't be helped because our jobs have changed so much since we entered this technological age.

    Much of the working day for many is spent sitting at a desk, and whereas before computers we would get up and walk to someone else's desk or office to deliver a memo or such, it's now all done by email.

    People no longer walk or cycle to work but instead jump in their cars, even for the shortest of...
  9. An August Update

    02/02/16 11:02:48 | 0 Comments

    Originally started on - 31/8/2015

    I had started August weighing in at 137lbs but it only takes one cake or such to put the pounds back on and the problems I had with my hip and carpal tunnel this month really slowed me down regarding exercising.  Walking with the hip and riding with the carpal tunnel was a no no.

    I went up from those few days of inactivity to 140lbs again and this last week or so have managed to bring it down again to 138lbs.

    I am so upset and peed off ending the month 1lb heavier than...
  10. 10 Days and Still Going

    02/02/16 10:59:25 | 0 Comments

    Originally posted on - 11/6/2015

    It's now been 10 days since starting this 1200 calorie diet.  Although during the first 7 days I lost 2lbs, I find today on weighing myself I have actually put almost all of that back on.

    I am not cheating and all of my food/meals are being marked down honestly in my Myfitnesspal diary.  I am also doing more exercise than I was previously.

    Last night I printed out my first 9 days Myfitnesspal food diary to see where I might have been going wrong.  On careful...
  11. 7 Days into Diet

    02/02/16 10:56:45 | 0 Comments

    Originally posted on - 8/6/2015

    7 days into my new start and I am very pleased with the results having lost 2lbs.

    I have no idea if taking XLS Fat Buster is working because I have kept strictly to 1200 cals or less and I have upped my exercise very slightly.  So would I have lost this 2lbs without the "Fat Buster"?  I honestly haven't a clue.  I am going to continue taking it for another week though.

    I have not only lost the 2lbs, but I have also lost 2 inches around my waist.  Today...
  12. A New Month a New Start

    02/02/16 10:50:09 | 0 Comments

    Originally posted - 1/6/2015

    For the last year after losing an initial 5lbs I have not lost a single pound.  Well, I have lost a pound or two but I have also put back on a pound or two.  So on this first day of June I have reset my starting weight and my goals and am now starting completely afresh.

    Not only am I going to use the apps Footsteps and Couch to 5K again but I have also added two more slimming and fitness aids.

    Wii Fit - Yesterday I set up my wii fit again and went out and bought fresh...
  13. How Did I Become Such a Blob

    02/02/16 10:47:19 | 0 Comments

    Originally posted on - 1/6/2015
  14. Photos - Then and Now

    02/02/16 10:44:48 | 2 Comments

    Originally posted - 1/1/2015

    I've used the same dress in each photo so the weight change can be seen easier.  I will be adding more photos as I lose the weight.

    Jan 2015 - Weighing in at 147lbs (66.7Kilos)

    Jan 1st 2016 - Weighing in at 140lbs (63.5Kilos)

  15. The Obligatory New Year Resolutions

    02/02/16 10:29:24 | 0 Comments

    Originally posted 29/12/2014

    Here we go again making the obligatory New Year resolutions, of which there is little to no chance that I am going to keep.

    For years it was the quitting smoking. Which I might add never did happen with a New Year resolution, but rather under the threat of a second heart attack, and possibly death back in 2012.  That was when the cigarettes were finally consigned to the bin overnight, never to rear their ugly head again.

    With the quitting smoking dealt with, I had to...
  16. Burn Extra Calories by Chewing Gum

    02/02/16 10:25:57 | 0 Comments

    Originally posted 2/8/2014

    University of Rhode Island researchers have found that chewing sugar-free gum reduces the amount you eat and speeds up your metabolism.

    A separate study published in the journal Appetite found that gum-chewers ate 36% fewer calories each time they snacked because their appetite had been sated. Chewing gum burns eleven extra calories per hour. That’s 19% more calories than just sitting in front of your computer screen.

    While that doesn’t sound like a lot, if you chew for...
  17. A Bicycle for Transport

    02/01/16 23:48:35 | 0 Comments

    Originally posted on - 1/8/2014

    My only form of personal transport is my tricycle which I call Tess.  I ride Tess for journeys up to about 5 miles (10 miles round trips).   As you can see she has a large basket on the back which I can carry back a full week's shopping in along with also carrying my dog Louie in on fun trips out.

    I do also own a beautiful sit up and beg Dutch...
  18. How I Exercise

    02/01/16 23:35:55 | 0 Comments

    Originally posted on - 1/8/2014

    I find exercising really hard.  Mostly because I have arthritis in my right foot, which is fine to walk on without shoes but with shoes it's very, very uncomfortable.  So I have had to improvise any form of walking and/or running exercise.

    Couch to 5K - This I have started to do barefoot indoors.  I know that running indoors is not the same as pounding the streets but it's better than nothing.  Some people, I have read, do their C to 5K on a running...
  19. 10 Natural Fat Binding Foods

    02/01/16 22:31:46 | 0 Comments

    Originally posted on - 1/8/2014

    There are many pills on the market for "Fat Binding" but there are also foods that are natural fat binders.

    The idea of fat binders is that when we eat and fat breaks down in our stomachs fat binders collect as much fat as possible and binds it together in order to make it larger lumps that can't enter our intestines and we then excrete it naturally.  This obviously not only helps us lose weight quicker but will also help stop us putting weight on...
  20. Sites I Use to Help Me

    02/01/16 22:29:39 | 0 Comments

    Originally posted on - 1/8/2014

    Blog:  I am using the blog to make the occasional post, as I feel inclined, to record my thoughts and feelings, which you are welcome to read and comment on. I find blogging a great help when trying to diet and get fitter.

    Myfitnesspal:  This site has been a boon.  On it one can record every meal, drink and treat...